Upcoming Events, Feb 2015


Upcoming Events:
In-Club Tournament, Feb 8, 2015. We’ll be having an in-club tournament on February 8th. Rank division between beginners, mudansha and yudansha. (Below shodan and shodan and above). There will also be team competition, time permitting.

Steveston taikai Feb 14, 2015. We’ll all be wishing our little delegation luck!

Saskatoon seminar, tournament and grading event, Feb 27, 28, and Mar 1. All kendoka are encouraged to come out to this event, as it’s the big one on the prairie provinces. Exposure to new sensei is a good thing, and there is something for people at all skill levels. We’ve chartered a bus again this year.

Beginner Grading, Jan 2015


Beginner Grading!
Beginner grading has been scheduled for this Wednesday, Jan 14. Those wishing to grade for bogu should come to class prepared for testing.

  • Shinai should be maintained. No slivers or cracks, tsuru should be tight and everything should be in good order.
  • Kendogi and hakama (if you have them) should be work correctly and appear neat. Gym clothes if applicable should be neat and appropriately worn.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate proper etiquette
  • you will be aske to demonstrate kira kaeshi, as well as your basic strikes and combinations. Good luck to everyone!

  • Heat is on!


    The heat is back on!
    Just got word that the heat is back on at the UNF hall, so practice is back on! This will cancel the social practice at BPs, or at least set it back to it’s more regular after-practice hours. So come on out, and work hard in the heated dojo!

    See you all there!

    No Heat!


    No heat!
    We have been informed thar there is no heat in the UNF hall. We have decided to cancel practices for Nov 30 and Dec 1. This affects all practices for Sunday and Monday.

    Stay warm!

    Beginners shinai maintenance update, prepare for bogu!


    To our new beginners:

    We’ll be moving on to hitting motodachi in bogu very soon, please make sure that your shinai or naginata maintenance is up to date, or you may be asked to sit out for part of the class. Naturally the same goes to our advanced members as well.

    With the onset of the cold weather, the climate here goes from dry to very dry, and bamboo can become dessicated and brittle very quickly. Shinai and naginata maintenance needs to be done every 2 weeks at the absolute minimum, whether you’ve actually hit anything with it or not. For beginners, if you come earlier in the evening to advanced practice and bring your maintenance kit, there may be someone there who is able to assist you with doing or completing maintenance.

    For kendo beginners, we’ll be looking at grading you for bogu in 7 weeks or so. Please note that some vendors have longer lead times for ordering bogu, so you may want to look at ordering soon, or at the very least setting aside some funds for the purchase of bogu. The club does have a subsidy program available for purchasing bogu, you can inquire with any of the board members for conditions and a form to apply for this subsidy.

    EKNC movie night Nov 1, 2014


    Who did Frankenstein take to the EKNC movie night?
    His ghoul-friend!

    Come on out, everyone, to our fun and spooky movie night on Saturday, November 1st at 7 PM at the EJCA (6750 88 St NW).

    There will be costume contests with prizes (kids and adults), beverages, movies, and a prize for the person who brings the greatest number of non-EKNC members!

    Please bring:

    • One snack that would feed 3 or 4 people (a bag of chips, a box of cookies, etc.). Please, no nuts.
    • A lawnchair, beanbag, or other comfy seat.
    • Spare change – quarters, loonies, and toonies, to vote for the movie you want to watch.
    • Don’t forget your costume!

    Movies in the running for the kids’ show:

    • Iron Giant
    • ParaNorman
    • Lego Movie

    Movies in the running for the adults’ show:

    • Evil Dead
    • Army of Darkness
    • Alien, Aliens, and/or Alien 3
    • Ghostbusters

    See you there!

    Will zombies eat popcorn with their fingers at the EKNC movie night?
    No, they’ll eat the fingers separately!

    Shinai Maintenance Items


    Shinai/Naginata maintenance kits
    So it’s time to get this stuff together. All students shoud be maintainng their shinai/naginata regularly. Broken weapons are expensive for you and dangerous for everyone.

    Your maintenance kit shoud include:

    • a bottle of light mineral oil. (NOT heavy!)
    • A hard-edged non-serrated knife. (Special shinai maintenance tools are available from some suppliers.)
    • Paper Towels and/or rags
    • Sandpaper (100-400 grit)
    • A white, unscented candle

    Additionally, naginata students should have:

    • White vinyl tape
    • Hockey tape
    • A metric ruler

    Some things that are very handy to have:

    • A pair of needle-nosed pliers
    • An eyedropper
    • A small toolbox or carry case

    Thanksgiving Long Weekend 2014


    Thanksgiving Long Weekend
    All practices over the long weekend have been cancelled. There will be no iaido practice Friday, Oct 10, 2014. There will be no advanced practice Sunday, Oct 12, 2014, and there will be no kids’ practice, advanced practice, nor beginner practice Monday, Oct 13, 2014.

    Take the long weekend off, and rest up, ready to work hard on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014.

    Calendar Issues
    Yeah, the calendar did something weird again. Some of you will have noticed that the start times for Sunday practices got shifted starting in November. This appears to have been another iteration of the earlier problem which surfaced when the calendar back end software got upgraded, and things got shifted. I’ve corrected the problem (again) and it should correctly reflect the start time for classes after the time change weekend.

    Case Centre 2014


    About Casa Centre
    Please be aware that we are not permitted to leave the south doors of Casa Centre unlocked during our time at that facility. This is because we are unable t o monitor any comings and goings through those doors at all from the gymnasium where we practice. Please go around to the east side where the gymnasium is, where we will have doors unlocked or open that you can come in. Once inside, please remove your shoes before crossing the floor. Shoes, jackets, bags and whatnot can be stored on the stage for the duration of practice. You are encouraged to leave valuables at home.

    Also note that there is NO lost and found at Casa Centre, so please take care to ensure that you have all of your belongings when you leave. The club is not responsible for any articles that you may leave behind.

    For new beginners: If you wish to have club updates emailed to you, please use the contact link to send me an email, so that I can add you to the email list. All official club communications will come through that email list and/or the website.