No Classes for the Long Weekend


All Practices Cancelled over the long weekend.
For the August long weekend, there will be no practices for Sunday, August 3, and Monday, August 4. We will instead be at the Heritage Days festival in the Japan pavilion. If you can come participate in the demonstrations, please do so. We will have daily kendo demonstrations at 3:30PM, and iaido demonstrations at 1:30PM.

Also a reminder that kendo and naginata practices have been cancelled for Sunday August 10, and we’ll be having an iaido seminar that day at the UNF hall. We will have a table in the community corner at the Animethon event at Grant MacEwan, so please come on out and talk to people about our club!

Updates and Events, July 2014


Updates and Events!
We’ve added some events to the calendar!

First off, we’ve scheduled the in-club tournament for September 28, 2014. This will be a fun event with stuff to do for everyone, beginners included. This will take place starting at 9:00 AM, and going until 5:00 PM, and including a pot-luck lunch or dinner.

Next, we have our fund-raiser/social movie night scheduled for November 1. This will be at the EJCA, and start at 6:00 PM. Please bring movies, and we vote with the loonie jars. We’ll have a kids/family friendly movie at 6:30, then maybe something scarier afterwards. We’ll be going late. The club will provide drinks, please bring snacks, and something to sit on!

A reminder that Wednesday night practices are all at the UNF hall downtown for the summer. Please do not go to the CASA centre location for practice!

Finally, an apology. When practice times changed, I updated the calendar, but not the Practices page. This left some incorrect information as to when Sunday practice begins, which caused some confusion. I’ve corrected the problem. (The Locations page still lists CASA centre for Wednesdays because the relocation is still a temporary thing.)

Practices moved


Practices Moved
Beginning this week, July 2, Wednesday practices will be held at the UNF hall, instead of Casa centre. This will continue over the summer.

Also, children’s classes are on break until September. We wish all of the kids a great summer and hope to see them back and ready to go come fall.

Addendum: Kim Taylor sensei will be in town August 10, so we’ll be cancelling kendo and naginata practices for that Sunday, in order to host a mini seminar here for the day.

Practices Cancelled, June 8


Iaido Practices Cancelled
Iaido practices for the upcoming weekend have been cancelled, due to the grading event in Vancouver June 8.

This does not affect Kendo or Naginata practices for Sunday or Monday. A practices for Wednesday, June 11 are cancelled. Both beginner and advanced practices for Kendo and Naginata are affected.

Shinai Maintenance Fall 2014


Shinai maintenance classes

Please be reminded to bring your shinai maintenance kits to practice for the next few beginner practices!

The new beginners have their shinai now, and before they can hit anything with them, they will need maintenance. Beginners and advanced students should bring their shinai maintenance kits to class.

For those who have not assembled a kit, it includes:

  • Light Mineral oil or sewing machine oil
  • Medium grit sandpaper (100-400 grit)
  • A pocket knife (not exacto) or shinai knife
  • Rags or an old towel and/or paper towels


  • A white, unscented candle
  • A pair of needle nosed pliers
  • An eyedropper

We will want you to have these for the next several beginner classes, as not everyone is able to attend all classes.

May Long Weekend, 2014


Long Weekend Peractice Cancelled!
All practices for the May long weekend have been cancelled. We don’t have the UNF hall space for the long weekend, so we get to take a break. Everybody rest up, and we’ll see you back ready to go the following Wednesday!

Practice Un-cancelled!


Good news kendoka!

The Kendo bogu practice that was previously cancelled for tomorrow is now on again. Please come and practice with Takashi before he returns home to Japan. It all starts as usual at 9am at the UNF Hall.