Shinai Maintenance Items


Shinai/Naginata maintenance kits
So it’s time to get this stuff together. All students shoud be maintainng their shinai/naginata regularly. Broken weapons are expensive for you and dangerous for everyone.

Your maintenance kit shoud include:

  • a bottle of light mineral oil. (NOT heavy!)
  • A hard-edged non-serrated knife. (Special shinai maintenance tools are available from some suppliers.)
  • Paper Towels and/or rags
  • Sandpaper (100-400 grit)
  • A white, unscented candle

Additionally, naginata students should have:

  • White vinyl tape
  • Hockey tape
  • A metric ruler

Some things that are very handy to have:

  • A pair of needle-nosed pliers
  • An eyedropper
  • A small toolbox or carry case

Thanksgiving Long Weekend 2014


Thanksgiving Long Weekend
All practices over the long weekend have been cancelled. There will be no iaido practice Friday, Oct 10, 2014. There will be no advanced practice Sunday, Oct 12, 2014, and there will be no kids’ practice, advanced practice, nor beginner practice Monday, Oct 13, 2014.

Take the long weekend off, and rest up, ready to work hard on Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014.

Calendar Issues
Yeah, the calendar did something weird again. Some of you will have noticed that the start times for Sunday practices got shifted starting in November. This appears to have been another iteration of the earlier problem which surfaced when the calendar back end software got upgraded, and things got shifted. I’ve corrected the problem (again) and it should correctly reflect the start time for classes after the time change weekend.

Case Centre 2014


About Casa Centre
Please be aware that we are not permitted to leave the south doors of Casa Centre unlocked during our time at that facility. This is because we are unable t o monitor any comings and goings through those doors at all from the gymnasium where we practice. Please go around to the east side where the gymnasium is, where we will have doors unlocked or open that you can come in. Once inside, please remove your shoes before crossing the floor. Shoes, jackets, bags and whatnot can be stored on the stage for the duration of practice. You are encouraged to leave valuables at home.

Also note that there is NO lost and found at Casa Centre, so please take care to ensure that you have all of your belongings when you leave. The club is not responsible for any articles that you may leave behind.

For new beginners: If you wish to have club updates emailed to you, please use the contact link to send me an email, so that I can add you to the email list. All official club communications will come through that email list and/or the website.

Welcome Back, Kids’ class!


Welcome Back, Kids!
Well, kids classes start back up today. Lots of fun things in store this year, so I’m hoping to see everyone back and ready to go after a long summer break.

Beginner Grading Postponed
Due to an unexpected emergency for sensei, the beginner grading scheduled for today will be postponed. Because of the short notice, beginners can expect their grading to be wither Wednesday, or next Monday, whichever they can attend first. Sorry for the short notice, but it was unavoidable!

Beginner grading, Fall 2014


Beginner Kendo Grading
Kendo beginners! Your grading is coming up fast! Please remember to be at the dojo before 7:00 PM, so that we can begin promptly! Remember, you will be graded on basic etiquette, appearance being appropriate for practice, an appropriately maintained shinai, as well as kiri kaeshi and basic strikes. We wish you all the best of luck with grading, and are looking forward to you joining us in the advanced practice!

If you are brand new to kendo, you’re also welcome to come observe the last group’s grading. This is where we will expect you to be come February.

Wednesday Practices, Fall 2014


Wednesday Practice Location
Okay, I’ve updated the Locations page to have the new address for Casa Centre. It’s at 12023 81 St NW in Edmonton, not too far from Rexall Place. This will be the location for Wednesday practices from here on in, so please go there and be ready to practice.

A reminder to last semester’s beginners that your bogu grading will be September 8. Please be at the dojo before 7:00 PM so that we can start promptly.

New Beginner Intake Fall 2014


New Beginner Intake
Well it seems that September is finally here, so it is time for new beginners to start coming to practice.

As you may know, Casa Centre has moved, starting well, now. We do not yet have all our time slots booked, so we do not have the facility for Wednesday, September 3 as planned. We have made alternate arrangements for space at the Edmonton Japanese Community Association hall, 6750 88 Street NW, in Edmonton. This is normally where iaido practices are held Fridays.

There will be no children’s or advanced practice for that day, as the taiko drumming group has the hall booked for that time slot, and we will be in the lounge area until their practice finishes.

Children’s classes will therefore resume Monday, September 8, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

Please download and fill out a Waiver form and bring it with you. (I will have some blank ones available as well, if you forget.)

Labour Day Weekend, 2014


Long Weekend Practices
I’ve been told that practices for the long weekend are a go! We have the UNF Hall for regular practice times both Sunday and Monday, both beginner and advanced practice times.

New beginner intake still starts as of September 3, and I’ll have details on Casa Centre location as soon as possible.

See you all at practice!

Beginner Grading, Fall 2014


Beginner Grading

Hey Beginners! Your grading date has been set as September 8. Please come early so that we can help you prepare!

This grading will be for the Kendo rank of nikkyu (Second Kyu) and will grant you the right to practice in bogu as a part of the advanced class.

You will need to show:

Appearance. Appropriate practice attire. If you are wearing a hakama and kendogi, they should be worn properly and fit reasonably well. Loose fitting workout appropriate clothing is also acceptable at this stage.

Etiquette. All bows, sitting in seiza, standing up from seiza.

Shinai. A properly maintained and cared for shinai.

Kendo Basics. Kira kaeshi, men, kote, do, combinations, and uchikomi geiko.

Knowledge. A short written test will also be included. It will definitely be something that we’ve discussed in class.

Good luck everyone!

Calendar Issues


Calendar Issues
My apologies, but the calendar has been showing some strange stuff lately. I think that I have it fixed now, but some things were showing up on strange days.

Starting some time in August, the calendar started showing Monday evening events on Sunday, Wednesday evenings on Tuesday, and Friday events on Thursday. Sundays for whatever reason were left alone. (If you looked at the event, the actual date would be correct, so it would say, for example, August 11, 2014 which would appear in the Sunday column, even though that is clearly a Monday.)

As of now, I’ve corrected the events.

New student intake starts September 3. The location will be the new Casa Centre, as we will be out of the UNF hall for Wednesdays at that time. I’ll update the Practice location page when I have the actual address. Mondays will continue at the UNF hall. As always, new students are welcome to observe advanced practice.

Our AGM is coming up August 24. Please remember to bring in your bottles for the bottle drive fundraiser!