Shinai Maintenance, April 13, 2015


Shinai Maintenance
Shinai maintenance is scheduled for April 13, 2015. Time for the beginners to learn how to take care of their shinai so that it will last longer, and not harm the people they are practicing with!

Please bring the following:

  • Your shinai
  • Light mineral oil, or sewing machine oil. Note: Not heavy mineral oil, which is unsuitable
  • Medium grit sandpaper. (200-400)
  • A white, unscented candle.
  • An unserrated knife. Note: Hobby knives are not suitable, but most folding pocket knives are fine.
  • Paper towels, or an old towel. (Not a good one, as it will get oily.)
  • A container to keep things in. A large ziplock bag or something waterproof is recommended.

Nice to have, but not strictly necessary:

  • An eyedropper.
  • Needl nosed pliers.

Senior students, if you can stay, bring your maintenance kits, and extra items if you have them.

Happy Easter, 2015


Happy Easter
Previously, practices for the Easter long weekend had been cancelled, but I’ve been informed that we do have the space booked, so practice is back on! This affects Sunday April 5, and Monday, April 6. Kendo and Naginata beginner and advanced practices are back on, as well as iaido practice. We hope to see you there!

(Yes, I am posting this on April 1, and no, it is not an April Fool’s joke.)

Pancake Breakfast, March 29, 2015


Pancake Breakfast
Hey everyone, since there is an event going on at the UNF hall for Sunday, March 29, we’ve scheduled to go to the EJCA instead, and hold a pancake breakfast for our new beginners. Senior students are asked to arrive early and help prepare tables and chairs, and/or assist with cooking duties. Beginners are asked to come by between 9 and 10AM to enjoy a good breakfast and stick around for conversation and getting to know your fellow students and instructors. We’re looking forward to a good time being had by all.

Naginata Seminar
We will be hosting a naginata seminar for April 11 and 12, 2015. The president of the CNF will be coming, so this is an opportunity to see some outside instruction from high ranking sensei. There will also be a grading event at the seminar, so this will be an opportunity for naginata students to attain an official ranking. Exact cost for the seminar TBD.

Beginner Intake, Spring 2015


Beginner Intake!
It’s that time again! If you have an interest in taking up kendo or naginata, we are holding our semi-annual beginner intake starting in March. Come on out and give it a try, there is no fee or obligation for the first month.

Please fill out a waiver form and bring it to practice. Practices start at 6:00 PM for children, and at 8:30 PM for adults (Over the age of 14). Mondays, the location is the Ukranian National Federation Hall, 10629 – 98 St. Wednesdays, we are at Eastwood School, 12023 – 81 St. Please note that on Wednesdays, you must use the gymnasium entrance around the back of the school, as we are not permitted to leave any of the other doors unlocked.

Beginner intake remains open until the last class of the month, which would be March 30. Children are still welcome to start at any time.

Saskatoon 2015 Trip


Saskatoon 2015
It’s all a go! We should all meet for the bus at 9:30 AM Friday, February 27. Members should have received an email with the itinerary by now, so we all know what we’re doing, right?

Let’s have a greay showing at the tournament on Saturday, and the grading on Sunday!

Due to the event, Kendo and Iaido practices for Sunday, March 1 have been cancelled.

While I’m at it, a belated congratulations to Scot, who won our in-club tournament in the non-bogu division, Jordan who won the mudansha division, and Jason, who won the open division. Great job, guys!

Upcoming Events, Feb 2015


Upcoming Events:
In-Club Tournament, Feb 8, 2015. We’ll be having an in-club tournament on February 8th. Rank division between beginners, mudansha and yudansha. (Below shodan and shodan and above). There will also be team competition, time permitting.

Steveston taikai Feb 14, 2015. We’ll all be wishing our little delegation luck!

Saskatoon seminar, tournament and grading event, Feb 27, 28, and Mar 1. All kendoka are encouraged to come out to this event, as it’s the big one on the prairie provinces. Exposure to new sensei is a good thing, and there is something for people at all skill levels. We’ve chartered a bus again this year.

Beginner Grading, Jan 2015


Beginner Grading!
Beginner grading has been scheduled for this Wednesday, Jan 14. Those wishing to grade for bogu should come to class prepared for testing.

  • Shinai should be maintained. No slivers or cracks, tsuru should be tight and everything should be in good order.
  • Kendogi and hakama (if you have them) should be work correctly and appear neat. Gym clothes if applicable should be neat and appropriately worn.
  • Be prepared to demonstrate proper etiquette
  • you will be aske to demonstrate kira kaeshi, as well as your basic strikes and combinations. Good luck to everyone!

  • Heat is on!


    The heat is back on!
    Just got word that the heat is back on at the UNF hall, so practice is back on! This will cancel the social practice at BPs, or at least set it back to it’s more regular after-practice hours. So come on out, and work hard in the heated dojo!

    See you all there!

    No Heat!


    No heat!
    We have been informed thar there is no heat in the UNF hall. We have decided to cancel practices for Nov 30 and Dec 1. This affects all practices for Sunday and Monday.

    Stay warm!