Practice Space Update, Sep 2015


Practice space update
And… Right after the last update, of course things change.

For Wednesdays, we can use the basement at the UNF hall. This means that beginner practice will continue to be Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:30PM until 10:00PM at the same location for the time being. Children’s class will move slightly, starting at 6:30PM instead of 6:00PM, and going for 1 hour. Advanced practice will run from 7:30 until 8:30, and will focus on kata.

New beginners will still start for Aug 31, and will be able to come for the Wednesday, Sep 2 practice as well.

September 2015 Intake Update


Beginner Intake Update
New beginner intake has been bumped up a week. We’ll start with registering new beginners Aug 31, 2015. This will still count towards the trial period. We hope to meet you there!

Schedule Update
It seems that we’re having trouble securing space for Wednesday classes. In the interim, beginner classes will be Mondays at 8:30PM as per the current schedule and Saturdays at 3:00PM, both at the UNF hall location, 10629 98 St. Children’s Wednesday practice will be moved to the same time slot on Saturdays until we can secure a Wednesday location.

AGM Notice
Please let me know if you are coming to the club AGM before Thursday, Aug 27. We need numbers to ensure that there is an appropriate amount of food and drink. If you have special dietary concerns, this is also to the time to let us know.

September 2015 Beginner Intake


Beginner Intake
It’s almost time! Our September beginner intake for 2015 is almost upon us!

If you’re interested in trying out kendo, naginata or iaido, it’s time to come out and give it a try! We ask that you fill out a waiver form and bring it in, and that’s it. Wear some loose, comfortable clothing, and show up for practice, the schedule can be found on our calendar. Note that we’re still searching for a Wednesday venue, so there are no scheduled practices for Wednesdays on the calendar for September forwards, but we will add those as soon as we know where we can practice.

First practice for kendo and naginata starts on Monday, September 7, 2015 at 8:30PM, at the UNF hall downtown, 10629 – 98 St NW. First practice for iaido is Friday September 4 at 6:30PM, at the Edmonton Japanese Community Association 6750 – 88 St NW. The entire month of September is free of charge, with a one-time registration fee and monthly fees becoming due at the start of October. We want you to come try it out and see if this is for you. Fell free to try out kendo and naginata, or see if learning iaido is right for you. Please note that for kendo and naginata, you will be asked to choose one or the other at the start of October. For iaido, you can choose to just do that, or you can do that in addition to either kendo or naginata, since practice times are separate.

Come join us!

Annual General Meeting, 2015


Annual General Meeting
The club AGM is scheduled for Sunday, Aug 30 at 13:30 at Sensei’s house (Address forthcoming in email) All club members are invited, and encouraged to come. Drinks and snacks will be provided, it’s a nice social gathering, and generally an enjoyable afternoon for everyone.

At the meeting, we take care of a little business, talk about how the club has worked over the last year, and elect a new board. Any member in good standing is eligible to take a board position, no matter your rank or which martial art that you do. If you have skills that you think can be put to good use for the club, we also strongly encourage you to run for a position on the board. Don’t worry, we’ll help you to learn the ropes. We need to have at least a Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President, and also several members at large, and we’d like to have some from each club. The board takes care of making sure that we have dojo space, that we’re collecting club fees, and paying our rents, organizing demonstrations and events, social events and fundraising.

Come on out!

Heritage Days 2015 Festival Demonstration Schedule


Heritage Days Demonstration Schedule
Here’s the demonstration schedule for the club for the Heritage Days festival. We have 5 slots for demos during the festival, which will be allotted to the clubs as follows:

Saturday, Aug 1

4:30PM: Naginata

Sunday, Aug 2

12:30PM: Kendo

3:30PM: Iaido

Monday, Aug 3

12:30PM: Naginata

3:30PM: kendo

This schedule is set up to accomodate the naginata students who are going to Calgary on Sunday. If you are volunteering during a demonstration, please let your supervisor know, so that they can arrange to have someone cover for you while you are out demonstrating.

Bogu Storage
A reminder that while bogu, shinai, naginata and iaito can be stored in the truck for the duration of the festival, it should never be left on the floor of the truck. Hooks and bungee cords will be provided so that you can hang your bags up off of the floor. Please use them! As always it is expected that you will take care of your equipment and store it appropriately. the truck will be locked up outside of festival hours, so your things will be secure, but please don’t leave other valuables in the truck, and try to keep what you do store on site to a minimum.

Gradings, July 6, 2015


Upcoming Gradings
We’re scheduling gradings for children and adult beginners for July 6, 2015.

Children’s gradings will be in the 18:00 to 19:00 block during the regular class time. Children will be expected to demonstrate their basics, with or without bogu, as applicable, as well as demonstrate appropriate etiquette and knowledge of terminology.

Beginners will be have their shinai inspected for correct maintenance and care, show good dojo etiquette as well as demonstrate a set of techniques. Kira kaeshi, single strikes for men, kote and dou, combinations of kote-men, kote-dou, and kote-men-dou, and a short round of uchikomi geiko will be domonstrated with motodachi. There will also be a brief written question.

Practice changes
We are no longer in the CASA centre. Wednesday practices will be relocated to the UNF hall downtown for the duration of the summer. We’re still looking for a solution to practice space come fall. Wednesday class times will revert to the same schedule as Mondays, with children’s practice at 18:00 until 19:00, advanced practice from 19:00 until 20:30, and beginner practice from 20:30 until 22:00. We’ll see you all there!

WKC Viewing, Saturday, May 30, 2015


WKC Viewing
We’ve rented out the EJCA hall for the evening of Saturday, May 30. Starting at 6:00PM, we’ve rented the lounge area, and are planning to stream live coverage of the World Kendo Championships in Tokyo. This will likely run late, so bring snacks. There will be a toonie bar.

The Saturday open practice will be bumped up a bit earlier, to start at 3:00PM, and we’ll cut it off at 5:00PM in order to accommodate this. And yes. there will still be regular practice Sunday morning.

eMail listing, May, 2015


eMail List Maintenance
Hey everyone, I’m in the process of updating the active members email list. If you have not been receiving emails from the club, now is the time to get in on the mailing list. This list is used to send out mail concerning upcoming events, such as tournaments, seminars, and gradings, as well as club information such as class cancellations and social events. If you want to be added to the list, please send an email to and I will add you to the new active members list.

If you are already receiving club emails, you may have received a notice to confirm that you want to continue receiving them. If you got this notice, please reply to it so that I can confirm that you want to continue to receive club emails. If you get club emails, and did not receive this notice, it is likely that I have already confirmed you as an active member within the last 6 weeks, and have added you to the new list already. If you want to be certain and send me an email anyway, that will be fine.

A special shout out to Andrew, who is getting married this weekend. Good luck, and all the best!

Wednesday night schedule change, May 2015


Schedule Change!
Wednesday night schedule has been changed, effective immediately!

Wednesday nights will now run with the following schedule:

Children’s practice and beginner practice will now run concurrently from 6:00PM until 7:30PM. Advanced students are asked to please try to be there in order to help with beginner practice.

Advanced practice will run from 7:30PM until 9:30PM. We have been asked to exit the building, and have the alarm set before 10:00PM, so once practice ends, please gather your belongings and exit the building as quickly as possible.

See you at practice!

Shinai Maintenance, April 13, 2015


Shinai Maintenance
Shinai maintenance is scheduled for April 13, 2015. Time for the beginners to learn how to take care of their shinai so that it will last longer, and not harm the people they are practicing with!

Please bring the following:

  • Your shinai
  • Light mineral oil, or sewing machine oil. Note: Not heavy mineral oil, which is unsuitable
  • Medium grit sandpaper. (200-400)
  • A white, unscented candle.
  • An unserrated knife. Note: Hobby knives are not suitable, but most folding pocket knives are fine.
  • Paper towels, or an old towel. (Not a good one, as it will get oily.)
  • A container to keep things in. A large ziplock bag or something waterproof is recommended.

Nice to have, but not strictly necessary:

  • An eyedropper.
  • Needl nosed pliers.

Senior students, if you can stay, bring your maintenance kits, and extra items if you have them.